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Post painting thoughts

Sometimes I load the brush up and as I move closer to the canvas something says 'no'. But at this point Ive created a pace: action, motion, response.

'Use what you have, the intention for putting paint on a brush is for it to be applied. Do not wrong yourself do not say, 'Ive made a mistake'.'

But the real mistake is to keep blindly not listening to the thing that tells me to stop.

Like mindless eating I want the hand to quit diving into the bag of chips, but it won't.

So, millimeters before I applied the brush to the surface I paid attention, I stopped.

There was a shift in the work, I felt it. I began to trust it even though the image is depicting my indecision over what to eat for breakfast.

Who knows if it is of any value. I know it felt honest, and I was alive when I made it.


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