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qt is not short for cutie


Mid-June I had a feeling; the feeling was that I was ready to move on and I didn’t know what that meant. A few circumstantial events led me back to re-rooting in Ireland. If you want to know more about this adventure…sign up for my newsletter (Link). That’s my advertisement, sadly not paid for but anyone but moi.

So, I booked a ticket in June and tried to put some pieces in place, and like the rest of the world had no clue what the COVID situation would be in two months’ time. Being the situation changes on a daily basis I was totally ready to be told Ireland would not be allowing visitors from certain countries (US…) and my plans botched. I wanted to get my favorite ice cream before I left but considered that it would be risky, same with last hang outs with friends, or Chinese food. So, I holed up, happily waiting my departure date. A car ride, three planes, two busses, a taxi and I have found myself in the smallest of spaces (and I don’t mind one bit) under a strict 14 day on your honor, we might check-in, quarantine. My fear was not leaving my hometown with possible exposure, but what happened between the here and there.

Arriving at my destination on Tuesday night I became a pile of mush, crying myself to sleep, wondering what made me do this? The world is different from what I knew it to be the past 33.5 years, the normalcies that have been grounding tools in the era of COVID, I have willingly abandoned. I woke Wednesday stable, and with terrible phone reception on a 1997 Nokia and sans internet. I have staples and a bed. I will say the past 5 days I have become highly grateful for my gratitude journal (which is a good double positive grammatically speaking).

My landlord stopped by and we talked about WIFI. As I’ll be moving after qt. there is little point in installing for two weeks, and honestly, I just need it to check in with family and send a few emails or pay bills. The solution was to write notes to my new neighbors, explaining the situation, telling them I wouldn’t come close, that I was legit (email, phone number, and link to website), and if they would be willing to allow me to pay for using their internet. A quick spray of hand sanitizer before leaving my letter in their mailbox (it’s the new perfume). And about 5 hours later I hear my nokia ‘beep beep’ a response from a kind soul who is more than happy to allow me to use their yard and connection.

I am relocating right now because I have professional reason to be in Ireland (yes, shows forthcoming!). As we all have no clue of what is to come of the current COVID conditions, I chose to come back to Ireland and set up shop. While being here feels like home, it is not my home. I have been able to carve a life here due to fortunate circumstances and my own will. But, what I have come to consider is that I am a guest in this country— until I have paperwork to prove otherwise. And being a guest means accepting hospitality when it is offered, using my manners, and abiding by house rules.

Well the rules have drastically changed for travel. We can’t control that. As a guest of this nation it is absolutely critical that I abide by all of the precautions the government has put in place to allow Ireland to return to their ‘new normal’. It is incredibly saddening to be in a place that took very drastic measures to ensure as few as possible COVID out breaks as possible and see visitors from other nations (cough) not take their efforts respectfully. With so many of the symptoms of COVID also the symptoms of jet lag its downright rude to believe you are fine, as you might well be fine, you might also be a carrier of someone’s death. I am grateful this country let me in, I hope to stay a while, or return if application is denied, but for goodness sake do what you can to prevent this virus from escalating again.


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