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That's it?

That's it?, Oil on canvas panel, 13x18, 2021

A solid sandwich defined by my 8 year old self. White bread, Kraft single, iceberg lettuce.

I remember my dad making lunch one summer day, he asked what I wanted on my sandwich and I told him. His response, ‘that’s it?!’ And I said ‘yes’. He shrugged and made me what I asked for.

I can see the whole scene in my mind, but relating the feeling to an image on canvas is the hurdle. For example, I can’t remember if he served it on my treasured barbie or plate, but I do remember there was a paper towel involved. This instinctive knowledge is all I have now, and so the image is somehow vague and generic, and it’s an aspect I question and fight with. The blue is specific to summer sky: warm, not blinding.


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